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Potted Pegrum 2006


Well it's that time of year again: its 4pm and dark outside, rain is lashing against the windows and the wind is blowing a gale.  Our three cats are tucked up in their various winter nesting spots, only venturing out briefly whenever absolutely necessary.  This year I'm following their lead and although I keep hearing that it's one of the mildest on record - winter is winter and if I could choose I just wouldn't 'do' winter!


Some of you of course will be reading this in glorious sunshine; you know who you are and will also know just what I'd give to be nearby, especially at this time of year.  Rest assured we have a little dabble on the lottery most weeks - just to keep this dream alive.


Its been a mixed year of highs and lows for all of us, but on balance we end the year once again counting our blessings and happy to have done so much travelling and enjoyed so many reunions with old friends from the past, both here in the UK and abroad.  All in all it's been a very social year, and once again I've put a few snaps to share on the gallery page of the website.


As for the usual family roundup ......................


Dominic finished school in June and pulled a few rabbits out of the hat qualification wise!  With an American style 'Prom' as their leaving party, Dominic refused to take it at all seriously and dressed eclectically in 'Blues Brother' style.


Although still with his mind set on a career in the forces, he decided he wasn't ready to leave the local social scene just yet and so plumped for giving college a try.  Unfortunately that didn't live up to expectations for him and he has now decided to work for a year while he tries to get super fit before applying to join up.










Last year I told you here how Alex had moved out and set up home with his girlfriend Kaylee.  This year they moved back in with us, and our little house is currently feeling a bit squeezed!  It proved impossible for them to plan and get ahead financially while renting in this expensive area, so they've come to us for a while to try to save up and get a place of their own.  It's not easy and I don't envy them just starting out, trying to get a foot on the property ladder.  However, Kaylee will imminently be finishing her hairdressing qualifications, and Alex is now working and training with a large electrical company, so hopefully 2007 will see them start to pull ahead.



Terry has had a busy year, spending most of it in prison!  (Working for the prison education service that is!)  He seems to have found a perfect niche with this and although employed there as an IT specialist tutor, he often finds himself heading classes as diverse as languages, maths and even art.  He still runs his computer repair service from home though and is usually found bailing someone out of trouble after hours.

This year it's me who is having trouble distinguishing between being self employed and retired!  I took voluntary redundancy from the college in October and am currently 'looking into' opportunities.  What I really want to do is use my teaching skills to turn my genealogy research hobby into a source of income via the Internet, so I'm spending this winter studying and also working on my personal research.


I have had the nucleus of an idea for a genealogy website for some time and now I have the time I will be putting an outline of this up shortly (link to it from the GenClub page on our family web site, or via  Over the coming months I will be building the content, then by the spring I should be able to tell if it will be viable.  If not, then it'll be back out to work!











Once again and as always, we wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.  We look forward to hearing & receiving all your annual updates and hope to see as many of you as possible in 2007.  Take lots of care ................

xxx The Pegs