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Page Last updated: Dec 2005
  Potted Pegrum 2005

Well, it's about time I know, but we've finally got our act together and started to get 'The Pegrums' properly online.

That means that this year you can read our update on the website and e-mail us straight back with your news - and if you keep an eye out over the coming year you should see various blasts from the past appearing as I work to get our photo archive loaded here too.

Let's start by wishing you all a great Christmas holiday season, and send you all our very best wishes. We hope 2005 was a good one for you, and that 2006 will be even better. Its been an odd year for us, passing in the same haze of work & tribulations that we've come to expect, but with one or two notable highlights.
The first of these was Alex leaving us to set up home with his girlfriend Kaylee earlier in the year. So - we are now an extended family of 5! Kaylee has slotted in well with us all, she is lovely and they seem a natural couple. Alex celebrated his 21st this year - a milestone in all our lives. He's had a dabble at a business venture this year and hopes to build on that experience in the future, but he's still a little lost as to what direction to take and hasn't yet discovered his path.
Terry's threatened redundancy, having been put off from the Spring, finally came around mid year. Having looked at the local job market he decided not to take another position, but to set himself up as a small business serving the local community and their computer needs, and as a trainer for the surrounding colleges doing bespoke and specialist training. He is now Alcester Computers & Training (follow the link on the Home Page but please bear in mind we are working on it at the moment).
It's early days & it's taken him a while to distinguish between 'self employed' and 'retired' (!) - but he's getting the hang of it now and work is starting to get steadier as word spreads. He starts a new college contract in the new year teaching prisoners at Long Lartin maximum security centre - scary!
Dominic is in his last year of school (thank heaven!) and is currently deciding what to follow on with next year. He did his Duke of Edinburgh Award and a youth leader award as part of that this year, so now helps with the local Cub pack as well as being and Explorer Scout. He still cherishes his dream of a military career, ideally in the Royal Marines, but he has decided to delay his application a bit in order to prepare better.

The picture shows him at the motorbike show recently - he's 16 in a few days and going through an 'extreme hair' phase (you can't quite see it, but it reaches to the top of the picture!) ............ need I say more?!

As for me - well I'm ending the year on a bit of a roll! Having almost dropped off the perch with far too much work again this year, I now have a new assistant to help with all that and can really see the day dawning soon when I'll be able to manage work and life again more easily. I've settled into my little house (& although I'd love it to be finished/cleaner/tidier - I'm more accepting of all that!), and we've welcomed some of you here for some good catch up times this year (much more of that planned!).
I'm also making strides into getting myself trimmer, fitter and healthier so that I can enjoy life a bit more. Time is the key to it all - and I'm now getting to grips with that old enemy, determined to conquer it in 2006. I have lots of things planned for very full year, and hopefully that will involve many of you.

I've loaded a few more snaps from this year's social highlights online so hopefully you'll spot some familiar faces there. As always we'd love to hear from or meet up with as many of you as possible in the coming year, so please keep in touch.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year,

xxx The Pegs