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Page last updated: Dec 2007
  Potted Pegrum

For many years we've tried to give you all a 'potted' version of our year via our Xmas newsletter and card.  It would be great if we could keep up with you individually, by phone, letter or in person - but we're just rubbish at that!


I've listened to acquaintances berating the 'newsletter' trend of our 'too busy to write proper letters' culture and taken on board that not everyone is interested in our comings & goings - but enough of you have responded that you do like to hear what's been happening for me to keep this going for those of you that we don't see enough of.  I certainly enjoy reading all those that I receive, so please keep yours coming.

For those of you that are interested in keeping up with our year, this page provides links to our current and previous annual updates.  Click the year below to open the page.